Top Class Functioning Tank Farm at Onne Port Harcourt, River State. 


This Functioning Tank Farm at Onne Port Harcourt has the following attributes:


A tank farm of 30,000 metric tonnes capacity with approval for storage of PMS, AGO & DPK; 2 loading arm gantries with nozzle;  2 change-over panels; mobile flow meter; telecom mast, 160 KVA Perkins generator; 1,000 KVA and 60 KVA Perkins generators; laboratory; admin office on 8 plots of land

Other Attributes:

  • Location: Onne, Port Harcourt, Rivers state of Nigeria.
  • Title: Certificate of Occupancy
  • Price: 8 Billion Naira

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Top Class Tank Farm for sale in Delta State


This Top Class Tank Farm for sale in Delta State has the following attributes:

Tank Capacity:

  • PMS: 17.5 million litres
  • DPK: 8.5 million litres
  • AGO: 9.6 million litres

Total Storage Capacity: 35.6 million litres

Notable Attributes:

  • It is situated on 3.5  hectares of land, as per survey plan, with a truck park for between 40 – 60 trucks
  • API compliant ATK/DPK tank and x ray tested pipelines
  • One of the few tank farms in Nigeria with an internal floating blanket to prevent PMS evaporation (saving about 2 million litres of evaporated product in a year).

Location: Delta State

Price: 4 Billion Naira.

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Tank farm for Sale in Onne Port Harcourt

1. Tank capacities:

  • 12 tanks of of 1000 barrels each
  • 4 tanks of 500 barrels each
  • 2 tanks of 8,500 barrels each

TOTAL: 31,000 barrels


  • AGO;
  • DPK;
  • LPFO

3. Jetty Dimension: 14 m

4. Land Mass: 1 acre

5. RPM:

  • RPM: 1350;
  • RDM Max Output: 181 NM

6. TITLE: Certificate of Occupancy

7. Asking Price: 12 Billion Naira

8. Agency Fee: 10%

9. Legal Fee: 5%

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Purposed Built Tank Farm

Purposed Built Tank Farm developed on 7 hectares of land with Certificate of Occupancy. It has a total of 9 tanks, with 2 of the tanks used to store bitumen. Each tank has a diameter of 22.3 M, height of 16.5M and capacity of 6.5 Million litres. It has a purpose-built jetty that can berth a 50,000mt vessel. It has a clinic and 10 other guest rooms fully furnished. It has an admin block on 2 floors. It has its own source of power.

Asking Price: $200 Million.

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Onne Tank Farm

Tank farm located at Onne, Rivers state. This petroleum products storage facilities comprises of tanks, each being able to contain 3,500 mt Ago, 3,500 mt PMS and 3,500 mt DPK, with a total capacity of 10.500 mt. It has a Certificate of Occupancy, two loading arms, lots of land space, soundproof generator, water storage tank and offices.

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